Seven of Wands

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Seven of Wands
Date February 4, 2009

Seven of Wands Cranky, headachy, tired, frustrated, sullen…

This has been my day. Little did I know, when I pulled the Seven of Wands this morning, that I would be raising my staff at the world all day today.

I am posting a card a day again. At least for the moment. If I have learned any lesson lately, it’s that you can only plan your life one day at a time. It’s all very well to say with unwavering assurance (and a small, self-satisfied smile), ‘I will do this every day without fail.’ It is another to face what life will throw at you on a given day, and then carry out your plans as if everything actually goes according to plan.

It doesn’t.

However, I’m getting just irritated enough at the ‘everyday gods’ to tell them to f*ck off and let me get on with things. (Haven’t we been here before? Am I stuck in a feedback loop? Has my life slipped into some trashy scifi novel without my noticing?)

But I will set aside my staff for the moment, give a thought to the card I drew today.

Much has been made, in various forums I’ve read through, of the mismatched shoes. Is this an indication that he dressed hurriedly to meet unexpected challenges? Is it a lack of sense? Does it represent uneven and unreliable foundations? Should he go home and change his shoes, hoping that the hordes will take a tea break and wait for him to return?

I have no idea. But when I see this card, I always notice the feet first, and wonder what they might indicate regarding his fate. He is obviously overwhelmed, yet determined. He hasn’t given up, in spite of a slight wardrobe problem. Wardrobe. Now that makes me think this is all an act. A melodramatic chapter in a cheesy play, featuring a bad actor on a flimsy stage.


I don’t know, really. But I do know that I can relate to this image. We all can, and have, at some point or other in our lives. I suppose the best thing to do, is put on whatever shoes we can find, grab our weapon of choice, and face the challenges head-on. Sometimes you just have to put up a good fight, and hope for the best.

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Date January 21, 2009

This is normally a blog about Tarot. But as some may know, I am also interested in the Paranormal. From time to time I may write about this subject, when I have something to share.

In the spirit world, there exist what are referred to as parasites, entities that feed on negativity, depression and stress. The more they are fed, the stronger they become, and the more negativity a person under their influence may feel. Hence the designation of ‘parasite’. The tricky part is breaking the cycle. It’s difficult to lift oneself up from depression, and the parasite is there to make it even more difficult.

I believe there are people who can also be parasitic in this way. There is someone who has been living downstairs from me, who emanates a strong negative energy. I can sense it, and what little interaction I’ve had with him has supported what I’ve felt. He is a very unpleasant, miserable person.

I’ve had to call the landlord a couple of times about him playing loud music and smoking inside the building, which comes right up into my living room (it’s an old house and therefore quiet ‘leaky’). And while these problems have been resolved (for the time being), I have been fussing about him being down there, giving this person all my attention… negative attention… and wishing with all my heart that he would disappear.

And what have I done, but allow this creep to enter my life, get into my head and consume all my attention. Aha! Just what a parasitic entity will do. I realized this only this morning, and had the idea that it is time to use the same tactics on this person’s existence downstairs as I would on a parasitic entity.

So far, so good. I have kept busy with my work, my cooking, my cards and everything else that I do to make my home a happy, peaceful place. I have been meditating on a cleansing white light beginning in my heart, filling my body and spreading out into my house. It’s been a good day, and I’ve been able to get a lot of work done.

This experiencing has taught me something about my nature. It seems that wherever we move, we are ‘followed’ by this element. I’m beginning to wonder if I don’t bring it on myself, because I have trouble with depression and can be very negative if I don’t watch myself.

It’s a good exercise in developing a more positive spirit and mindset. I am taking this experience as a valuable lesson and running with that. It’s only been a day, but so far it’s working.

But part of me can’t help but wonder if a banishing spell won’t work on this guy, as it would on an entity. Okay, just kidding about that one. But part of the banishing spell that I do use involves the same white cleansing light emanating from my heart into my environment, pushing away all profane and negative spirits. So in a way, it is a banishing spell. I may not be able to push him away physically, but I can certainly push away his energy, and leave my house and my life that much cleaner.

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Email Change

Date December 5, 2008

Well I suppose whatever reason I find to crawl out from under my blankets and write is a good one. Unfortunately what has finally driven me into daylight, is discovering that my email address has been spoofed by someone to send lots and lots of spam out into the world.


So, I will no longer be using my old email address. I will be using my gmail account from now on. You can find it on the Contact Info page.

So if you send an email to my old address, it will most likely bounce back to you. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Spammers are an evil blight on the world wide web. I’m tempted to use stronger language… hell, I’m tempted to hunt them down and shoot them… but that would just give me a headache.

Thanks for you patience. You can also always contact me by leaving a comment here on the blog, too.

Well, now that I’ve warmed up my fingers by typing this, maybe I’ll be able to use this momentum to actually start writing again. Wouldn’t that be a lovely development?

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A Brief Pause

 Date October 28, 2008

Please forgive the lack of posting. My father passed away on Sunday.

May he rest in peace.

I will resume my card-a-day postings next week.

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King of Bats

 Date October 24, 2008

King of Bats My card this morning was the King of Bats.

I’ve been bats all week this week. I guess I’m living in my head these days.

I don’t know whether this card reflected my day, or is admonishing me about my day. I do know I did a lot of planning, but I don’t feel that I really made much headway with all my plans. It’s as though I made tons of lists in my head, that all seemed perfectly reasonable and necessary, and then simply tossed them all away and made a fairy necklace. I took a walk. I chatted with the ladies in the bead store. Then I bought some beads I really can’t afford, and bought some candy that my body definitely Does Not Need.

So much for behaving logically.

Maybe the King is yelling at me. My husband often comes up in readings as the King of Swords. And he does his share of ‘yelling’ at me to get organized and Get Things Done. He of the logical brain, and me with my head in the clouds.

Okay my husband does not really yell at me. He’s very sweet about it actually, and tries to encourage me in the efficiency department. And I feel bad, and feel like I’ve let him down, when I can’t seem to get my act together. And to be honest, the King does not look like he yells at anybody either. I think maybe he just wants folks to get on with things. Straighten up and fly right and all that. Doesn’t he seem that way sometimes?

Still, I made a very pretty necklace today. Maybe the King can let me off the hook this time. Just this once…

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